Community Update #14 - Full Moon Update 🌕

Final Check Upon Mainnet Release

With the summer solstice behind us and the full moon ahead, the stars are in good constellation in the Habitat. Markets cool off - but buidlers keep buidling!

A shorter update before we go live next week - some key information for the Habitat Community, as we enter the next phase of Habitat’s Evolution. Genesis to Mainnet.

🔬 Inspecting Rollup Interactions

When entering the Habitat Rollup, Deposits are confirmed fast and easy. Users can instantly transact, vote & stake - take HBT / any ERC-20 and deposit 📥 ✅

Each transaction on Habitat is done with Ethereum Mainnet security.

When leaving the rollup, more necessary security measures are taken. Withdrawals are subject to a 7 day inspection period before users can exit 📤 🕵🏽‍♀️

A minimum of 7 days is recommended at the moment, so anyone can challenge the recorded history of transactions on the rollup and dispute the outcomes if necessary.

In case of disputes, up to 3 weeks apply for full resolution of the challenge 🕰️

🙋🏽 More Questions about the Habitat Rollup?

Check our Mainnet Channels on Discord 👾 and Ask Us Anything.

💧 3rd Genesis Liquidity Rewards Payout

Payout of up to 2500 HBT for each liquidity provider in this week: Transaction of around 40k HBT distributed today 🤝🏾

Reminder: current Transition LP Rewards will end on 30th June.
You can earn % on your HBT by depositing on the Rollup.

New LP Rewards rely on Community Signaling via Evolution.

Important Topics after Mainnet Launch:

  • Rollup Liquidity Mining

  • Rewarding early LPs and Gitcoin Donors

  • Onboarding DAOs

  • Fast Exit Market Maker

  • Full Interface Release ❤️‍🔥

See you next week on Layer-2 🚀