Community Update #15 - Habitat is Live on Mainnet

Soft Launch of Habitat Rollup With First Features and WIP Interface + Liquidity Rewards

🚨 Important: Twitter restricted our official account @0xhabitat. The reason for the temporary lock is Twitters assumption that the Habitat profile is run by an underage person. The Team already filed a KYC ticket to provide information and regain access.

The Habitat Rollup is live and running! The application-specific rollup - based on NutBerry - can now be used on the Ethereum Mainnet. The goal was to deliver a working and secure optimistic rollup used by a first application: Habitat.

This application will grow and adapt to needs and opportunities in the DAO space. Habitat as small as it is now can't scale all possible DAO solutions or features at once. This needs time, experimentation and partnerships. Patience is key.

🏕 This is Just the Start

... of a long journey together with you - the community. The Habitat Genesis team is eager and motivated to add new modules, features and experiment with new ideas from the crowd. Keep in mind that the success of the project is based on feedback and active support from the community. This is an open playground - not only for DAOs but for everyone who wants to get involved.

🔦 v1.0 Feature Spotlight

HBT Staking - Deposit HBT and Earn Operator Rewards

Habitat is owned by the users. Operator rewards from the rollup infrastructure are shared to users who deposit HBT on Habitat. They will get a cut based on their share of the TVL (Total Value Locked) of HBT tokens. You can deposit HBT tokens in your account page.

Redesign - Interface Revamp and Rebranding

Habitat is aiming to make treasury management, community coordination and decentralised organisation not only scalable but also fun and cool to use.

Therefore, the brand and application of Habitat have been redesigned. Some parts of the interface and included features are still work in progress. They will be finalised and implemented in the upcoming weeks.

Delegation - Become a Protocol Politician

Habitat already allows delegation of votes or governance tokens to users inside communities. The initial owner always keeps the power over the tokens and can withdraw the delegation at any time when he/she doesn't feel represented anymore.

Treasury Management

Protocols and DAOs can create treasuries that are managed by voting modules. These can be used for protocol governance, continuous signaling, and sentiment discovery. Simply create an execution proxy or roll out your own to upgrade Ethereum layer-1 contracts. Easily transfer funds from Ethereum into the treasury on the Habitat rollup.
The tokens inside the treasury can then be managed via proposals.

Future Updates

- Create & manage investment strategies for treasuries on Habitat via governance decisions.

- Create your own governance token (virtual ERC-20) on Habitat to create your own private community on Habitat. This virtual token can be minted on Ethereum once you need it.

Signaling and Simple Majority Governance

The Habitat ecosystem with all its features and the rollup infrastructure is currently governed by two modules: Signaling and Yes/No majority vote. These modules are combined in the "Evolution" section (new version still in design revamp) of Habitat. These two modules and many more to come can be used by every community or DAO on Habitat. Decisions on Habitat are bundled and executed on-chain on Ethereum. Making it easier and more affordable to govern protocols.

📬 Feedback and Fixes

The Habitat team already has some fixes and upgrades on the table:

- Evolution page design revamp (including: voting modules and proposal redesign)

- Habitat independent community dashboard (customisable dashboard)

Please provide any feedback in the “🌈-habitat-app” discord channel - until the Evolution page is 100% finished.

🧼 Liquidity Rewards

With full mainnet launch, Habitat is distributing all remaining HBT rewards to Genesis and Transition LPs. Two initial liquidity mining programs have been performed within 12 weeks:

Genesis Liquidity - 10 March > 02 June

Transition Liquidity - 02 June > 30 June

Genesis Liquidity

First reward payments for Genesis LP's have been done within last weeks, now all liquidity providers will receive their outstanding HBT. The distribution as explained in Update #11 is updated and the last 2 weeks of distribution are now combined upon mainnet launch.

Transition Liquidity

Liquidity Providers which supplied within the last 4 weeks are receiving a total of 20,000 HBT. The reward is depending on the share in the UNI-V2 Pool.

Final Payout

The Habitat Genesis Team decided to prepone the distribution, as all funds have been paid from the team multi-sig wallet until now. With a fresh start upon mainnet launch all token-holders have clarity about their holdings and can use their HBT how they like.

The final reward transaction with a payout of 80,691 HBT has been confirmed on Ethereum Mainnet earlier today.

Currently, there is no new liquidity mining program happening, new programs can be proposed by the community via Habitat Governance.