Community Update #17 - Events & On-Chain Activity

New Twitter, Habitat in Paris, First On-Chain Proposal finalised

🚨 Twitter Trouble Update: Two weeks ago the Habitat Twitter got locked. Without any access or response from the platform, setting up a new account was the only option now.

Please follow our new account @EnterTheHabitat and gives us a warm welcome 💖

🏕️ Habitat @ EthCC 4

EthCC - the CC stands for "Community Conference". The event is capped at ≈1000 attendees, there will be in-person talks, hands-on workshops and opportunities for networking. Members of the Habitat Genesis Team will represent the DAO, meet friends and give presentations at 2 events during the EthCC Week in Paris:

If you are in Paris during the EthCC Week and want to say hi, learn more about Habitat or want to talk scaling and governance for DAOs - just send a DM to Max or Victor.

🌈 First On-Chain Proposal Finalised

Full Proposal Information:
#01 Team Reimbursements for LP Rewards - GitHub Issue / Habitat On-Chain Proposal

Habitat Governance has been rolled out for two weeks now: With the first voting modules live and the rollup up and running, first proposals can be processed. After an initial team proposal posted last week, the voting outcome showed a clear “YES” preference from the 21 Voters:

The proposal had 2 desired outcomes, and was already finalised on the rollup:

  • Reimburse Habitat Team for streamlining LP Rewards in Genesis Phase
    0xHabitat: Deployer received 214,907.39 HBT, which will be used on the rollup to pay future hires and bounties for contributors.

  • Send HBT to upcoming Rollup Reward Pools, claimable for HBT Stakers
    Epoch #4 received 5000 HBT, claimable on 21st July
    Epoch #5 received 5000 HBT, claimable on 28th July

This proposal was easy to pass, why?

All HBT-holders are required to vote, so we get a realistic representation for voting outcomes. For this first vote, there have been no reference points for quorum. But the member count will grow, as more HBT-holders will interact with the community reserve over time.

In future votes with realistic references it will be harder to reach the required quorum (10%) and a clear signal of majority (+50% yes or no) from vote to vote.

Habitat encourages everyone to participate in discussions, votes and specifications - in no other way we can retain a healthy balance within the ecosystem. ⚖️

❤️‍🔥 First Disputes & Challenges

The discord#pager was going crazy and root of all problems was a combination of:

  • Hosting Problems - Application instances were several times reallocated across the world. Habitat on-tour.

  • The Habitat Ethereum light-node also experienced dizziness and omitted important data required for the rollup. We can’t blame them, light-mode is still an experimental feature. ⚗️

So, what’s next?

The disputed blocks will be resolved by the rollup protocol itself. The current (team-managed) rollup operator is going to experience a higher cost for chain finalisation.

Additionally, Habitat is implementing more strict data-availability checks for the NutBerry node to prevent a broken view of the rollup chain in case of downstream errors.

⛽ Tweaking the Gas on Habitat

As a result of the first two weeks of uptime, the Gas Fee in HBT was raised.

Old Gas Fee: 0.1 HBT
New Gas Fee: 0.25 HBT

The operator needs funds to submit and finalise solutions. Within the last weeks, the Mainnet gas fees started to increase again. Operator costs are higher, but still ok. As the operator is selling HBT to finalise, a low market price of HBT was also adding to the cost for rollup users.

🚶‍♀️ Ongoing

  • Full revamp of “Evolution” and community proposal pages ongoing and ready by next week to showcase at the EthCC presentation. 👀

  • Small interface fixes for easier understanding and onboarding on Habitat and rollups. Keep the feedback incoming - the team is listening. 🦻🏼