Community Update #18 - Priority Tree, the First Signaling Module on Habitat

Submit Ideas and Upvote The Best Proposals or Topics

📡 Signaling Module for Habitat “Evolution” and All Communities

The first two fully revamped voting modules are finished and ready to be used and tested. Before you jump to the new “Evolution” page have a small read about the functionalities and benefits. Remember, every module that is developed can be implemented by every community on Habitat. This is about showcasing the potential of more complex DAO solutions possible due to rollup scaling. With many more to come :)

🌲 Priority Tree - Ranking of most wanted topics and their subtopics

The “Priority Tree” is the first signaling module available and ready to be used for Habitat itself. It is about sharing your preferences by upvoting your own or other ideas and topics. Newcomers or people who only vote once in a while can check the highest priority topics all at once. It shows the biggest common interest of the community at the very top.

This module allows continuous voting - meaning once preferences or the market opportunity changes the DAO members can adapt their signal whenever they want.

By upvoting topics, the priority will increase and new subtopics (e.g. solutions or ideas) can be submitted under highly anticipated topics. These are then automatically ranked again, based on the signal of the community.

🤓 Naturally, when you vote with $HBT these voted tokens are still counted in the weekly yield. In the future, voted tokens can generate a multiplier for yield - incentivizing voting.

Priority Tree Live at Habitat Evolution 🌿


You can start upvoting your favorite topics right now. It is possible to upvote several topics and subtopics at the same time. These interactions will be recorded and submitted. At the moment you need to sign each of these transactions - one after the other (see metamask popup). You can check your balance of available HBT to vote at the top right.

Topics and Subtopics

Topics can be considered a category or field of importance for the DAO. Subtopics are always connected to one of these topics. So when you upvote a subtopic these votes will also be added to the respective (root) topic.

Submitting a Topic or Subtopic

To create a topic of any sort you need to own at least 0.001% of the total HBT tokens on the rollup -> See TVL on the top. This threshold prevents spamming of proposals.

To submit a topic you can easily enter a github link by creating an issue in our github repository that is open for everyone OR simply type in the title and a short description.

⚠️ We recommend using a github link to allow topic focussed discussions. ⚠️

Once a topic is created a subtopic can be created right beneath.

Adding an Action to a Proposal

Every topic is a proposal. Once a signal for a topic and its solution has been strong enough a member can set a new subtopic (proposal) and toggle the “Action” feature. This enables a “simple majority vote” for the entire community to vote on a fixed outcome -> action. The action can be a transfer of funds or execution on Ethereum Mainnet. To submit such a proposal you would need at least 0.1% of the total locked HBT on the rollup (see TVL).

You are now ready to vote and experience the benefit on an optimistic rollup!
👉 Habitat Evolution 🌿

You can always reach out to Habitat for more insights and voting design possibilities.

Remember, this all is experimental and new. It can be adapted or changed based on user feedback. So please reach out in the improvement channel on discord or simply on telegram.