Community Update #19 - Governance Awakening/ Next AMA

Community feedback in new proposals and Friday's AMA wanted

Two weeks have passed since the last community update. In the meantime, the Ethereum London Upgrade was successful, NFTs are cool again and Gas is still stupid high. While we all can celebrate the burning of the Ether for a moment, let’s not forget that on-chain governance is still priced out for communities. 🏃‍♂️ 🔥 ⛽

Habitat keeps building and coordinating towards the solution, enabling the execution of voting transactions on the Habitat Optimistic Rollup instead of Mainnet. Since launching the revamped Evolution Page two weeks ago, many new developments within the community have us being hyped to continue this journey even more focused! 🧘‍♀️ 🚰 🌱

✨ New Rollup Rewards Confirmed by Community Vote

  • The initial Rollup Rewards ended on Epoch #5, so it was up to the community to decide if a new badge of rewards is useful and necessary. Quickly a new proposal arrived, aiming to enable exactly that!

  • After opening the proposal, a decent amount of YES votes had been placed, so there was a clear signal towards another five epochs of rewards, each containing 5000 HBT for Habitat Rollup Stakers. 👯‍♂️

  • The outcome was valid, reached quorum and the proposal already passed. Rollup rewards seem secured until epoch #11 - but the creator of the proposal forgot to attach the corresponding transfers to fund Reward Epochs on the Rollup 😨

  • Without taking any action, the Rollup Reward Pools would remain unfunded. The Habitat Genesis Team created a new proposal which now contains all necessary transfers:

“Transfer Rollup Rewards to Epoch 8-11”

  • The team also has funded the ongoing Epoch #7 from Team Funds and requests a reimbursement for the 5K HBT used in this process. Here are all transfers:

Important Action-Point

  • Please Vote YES until 14.08.21, 13:00 UTC, to enable the confirmed Rollup Rewards.

  • Navigate to the Evolution 🌱 Page and look for the following proposal:

Ongoing Votes ⏲️

  • New LP Rewards have been proposed by different community members, check the “Community Signals” Tab on the Evolution 🌱 Page and learn about the different approaches.

  • The Habitat Community seems to largely agree that a resumed Liquidity Mining Program can bring new network effects to the Habitat. New members, new attention and much needed liquidity can help the project to reach the next stage of its evolution.

🇫🇷 Paris AMA, this Friday 💬

Join our AMA on Friday, we start early at 10:00 UTC/12:00 CET in the Habitat Discord Server

  • It is time to talk about our time in Paris and what we have learned while speaking to other engaged communities and projects in France.

  • Our next ideas for cooperations and partnerships are slowly coming together, we like to share and give insight on these important developments.

  • Contributor funnel - let’s explore how you guys can support us and earn HBT in the process!

  • We need to hear from YOU! What do you need as a Community to support the project and spread the word about the Habitat?

Join our 2nd AMA and ask your questions in the “🇫🇷 -paris-ama” channel. We also answered other community questions already, so take some time to read :)