Community Update #20 - Weekly Calls

First edition of our community calls, join tomorrow!

Habitat Community Call #1 🤙

📣 Announcing weekly calls in the Habitat 🏕️

when does it start? 📅

  • Thursday 19.08.2021, 15:00 UTC/17:00 CET

how can I join? 🌻

  • Join our Discord and look for the voice channel: “campfire”

who is invited? ❤️

  • Habitat community members & everyone else is invited!

What is going on? 🎉

  • This is meant to become our weekly community hangout, meeting on one occasion to express thoughts and ideas about Habitat.

  • Calls are meant to brainstorm or go off-topic, members build a habit, get synced and find new synergies in the community and how to advance Habitat as a collective.

This can also be the first point on contact for anyone joining our space and having questions, about the project, the structure and the Habitat application itself. Let's see where it takes us and how we can form meaningful collaboration in the Habitat! 🏗️

Rollup Rewards Secured 🔓

As mentioned in the previous update (#19), the Habitat community members confirmed a proposal to continue pay out rewards on the Habitat rollup. After confirming the outcome formally by vote, a follow-up proposal was necessary to transfer the funds to the respective rollup epochs.

Epochs 7-11 have now been funded according to community vote. Habitat rollup stakers receive rewards based on their share of the rollup TVL. All of the following rollups epochs could follow the same proposal & voting-flow, it all depends on the community for now.

Updated Community Pages … soon 🖌️

All the feedback on the current state of the App is great and we located some serious improvements together with you, thank you again for all reports and ideas! DAO Governance and the corresponding tools and applications are still early, sometimes the work can lead to confusing design decisions.

Updates in the coming weeks will include an updated interface to enable better navigation for all users of the platform and to further onboard voters and communities alike. The community pages will get a polished look, so it will be easy to scroll the communities located on Habitat or setup new ones.

More exciting upgrades and functionalities come together with those fixes and we are happy to talk about those in the upcoming Community Call tomorrow, see you at the campfire! 🔥🏕️