Gitcoin Grants Round 11 Hackathon is starting today

Join Habitat and the Gitcoin Community, Fund The Open-Source Movement or hack on the bounties and earn prizes in HBT

Hi everyone! 👋🏼

As announced in the last update, Habitat is sponsoring the Gitcoin Grants Round 11 Hackathon. Join the good cause, fund public goods and the open-source movement!

Grants Round 11 started yesterday, with the biggest matching pool yet! Grants CLR rounds are an experiment in mechanism design, community governance, quadratic funding, and decentralized identity.

Head over to the Grants Page and spare a DAI for the Ethereum Community 🏗️

📬 The Bounties are Online - Hack with Habitat

The Habitat Community has come up with 3 great bounties for different experience levels and complementing the different layers of the Habitat Stack:

Check out our Hackathon Repo in Github
or simply apply for the bounty at Gitcoin here.

All bounties are to be worked on in a cooperative spirit, the listed prizes will be split among the contributors. Attending hackers can form teams or hack on their own and challenge others. Habitat is excited to learn about the different approaches and can’t wait to discuss submissions within the community - Happy hacking!


🚀 Launch A Community On Habitat And Document Feedback

Setup and run your (emulated) daily business with other team members on Habitat and document your impressions and feedback.

Users are incentivized to use the Habitat platform and report their findings of possible bugs and improvements. A documentation/demo of the submission is required, the best case is a Video Walkthrough & Explainer for the Habitat Platform.

Prize: 2000 USD in Habitat Token ($HBT), contributor split

🤖 Discord Bot Integration(S)

Currently, DAO processes and social interactions through discussions and chats are being separated due to technological limits. How about combining these two by relaying information and actions to one or the other.

Habitat is looking for Bot-Masters to create an interactive Discord Bot for delegation and other features. Be creative! Build a bot that allows users to subscribe to rollup events or use discord data to enhance the user experience.

Prize: 4000 USD in Habitat Token ($HBT), contributor split

🦾 Build a dApp on the Habitat Rollup

Since Habitat is an open-source and open community project, developers are free to interpret Habitat and its functionalities however they want and build anything on top of it. This contest is about building a new dApp for tooling or voting modules on top of Habitat.

Alternative Submission: Integrate the Habitat Rollup RPC endpoint in your native DAO environments like a DAO or protocol website. Experiment with an easy user on- and offramp from the rollup that can be easily reproduced for other DAOs.

Prize: 9000 USD in Habitat Token ($HBT), contributor split

👀 Workshop on Friday - Habitat Bounty Briefing 👀 

To ensure a great event for all interested hackers, Habitat will lead a workshop to introduce everyone to the bounties, clarify questions and define submission requirements for the HBT prizes to be earned.

Workshop is hosted in Airmeet, starting from 09:00 PST/ 16:00 UTC / 18:00 CET

See all details in the Tweet below:

That’s it for today! If you have further questions, want to join the Hackathon or need assistance getting started, join us in the Habitat Discord and ask the Team 💬

  • look for the 🏆-gr11-hackathon channel.

  • introduce yourself and we will give you the Hacker role.

  • every Hacker receives 10 HBT on the rollup to get started with our platform.

See you at the Hackathon Kickoff Event tonight, or check in to our workshop on Friday 😎