🧐 Tutorial: Sushiswap Liquidity Program

How to Earn HBT Yield by Adding Liquidity to Sushiswap

Dear Habitants,

The first HBT rewards of the Habitat liquidity mining program were successfully paid out. Big thanks to everyone participating and adding liquidity to the pool.

But let’s boost the pool and give every Habitant a fair chance to get a cut from the 15.625 HBT rewards per week! This post will give you a step-by-step guide on how to.

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🚀 Getting Started

To take part in the program you’ll only need to follow these three steps. More explanations on each of them can be found beneath the graphic.

1. HBT and ETH Pair

To get started you’ll need HBT and ETH - both with almost the same $ value. You can get ETH or HBT at Sushiswap or Uniswap.

2. Adding Liquidity to Sushiswap

To enter the liquidity pool of Sushi you’ll need to enter the liquidity section here.

🤓 If there is no HBT token displayed as input you have to search for it or add the token address manually.

HBT Token Address: 0x0aCe32f6E87Ac1457A5385f8eb0208F37263B415

Once you added HBT and ETH as liquidity you receive a Sushi Liquidity Pool Token - SLP for the HBT-ETH pair. This token can be transferred, deposited or simply redeemed for the amount of HBT and ETH you put in the first place. By holding that token you’ll also earn liquidity provider fees from all the people trading on Sushi with HBT-ETH.

3. Deposit the SLP-HBT-ETH Token at Habitat

The last step to participate in the rewards program is to simply deposit the liquidity pool token into the Habitat rollup. You can do this by visiting your account page and select “Deposit". At the token input field, you search for SLP-HBT-ETH.

Done! You did it. 🥳

You can now check your outstanding rewards and your share in the Liquidity Rewards section of the account page. 👇

Important! For now, the rewards are distributed every epoch (every week on Wednesday). The active epoch is important and not the exact moment you entered it.

You don’t need to claim the rewards. They are sent to your address on the rollup.

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