Habitat v2 Scope & Roadmap

Redefining DAO setups and tools for a Multi-chain future

In the last Community Update Habitat outlined its recent thought process: Habitat at the Crossroads. This new update should bring everyone on the same page and add further scope and action points to the conversation among the team, contributors, and the community of token-holders.

To explain the next steps in short terms: the overall practical focus shifts to the Habitat application rather than the underlying scaling infrastructure. Enabling cheaper transactions in a trustless manner is a great thing to offer to the ecosystem and communities on Ethereum, but at the moment other priorities have to be considered first.

By focusing on a multi-chain future of different L1’s, Rollups and Sidechains, Habitat can fit in the existing ecosystems offering composability rather than siloed, cut-off DAO solutions. Onboarding users and getting them comfortable with best practices now can enable more complex systems and implementations later on.

Multisig’s as the starting point

Moving away from complexities, Habitat can take a closer look at the common Schelling point for DAOs and add improvements and more capabilities for users. The established practice of community-empowered multisig wallets is the current state of operations for most projects.

Pinkie has run the scripts and checked for Gnosis Safe deployments and their respective events since operating on different (geth) networks. This way, we can get a better overview of the addressable market and participants’ preference for additional features.

All Data is here: https://hackmd.io/6sFuJoc3TYGxK-u_i1VICQ?view#ethereum-network

  • Popular usage of multisigs like Gnosis on Ethereum mainnet, rollups and sidechains.

  • Cautious usage of governance modules, with room for more iteration and improvements.

  • The combination of Gnosis Multisig and Snapshot offchain voting is the leading tool for DAO governance voting.

Question remains:
Due to best product market fit or due to lack of alternatives in the space?


  • Users understand the concept of Multisig’s and actually use them on different networks. They offer agility and quick reactions for the community.

  • Multisig’s are a great starting point for smaller and even larger-sized DAOs with sub-DAOs and independent teams.

  • A setup of reputable signers embodies simple and transparent decision making, combined with a snapshot vote as a temperature check or veto right for the community of token-holders.

  • Onboarding is key: allowing to migrate existing Multisigs and their keyholders to Habitat.

Growing and adapting with new modules & extensions

Once the multisig treasury is created with Habitat, it can grow by starting new sub-treasuries and circles inside the respective “parent” community. Each circle on its own is allowing different rules set by “modules”. These “modules” can be chosen from a library - curated and grown by the Habitat community and the DAOs that use them.

Especially with rollups and other scaling layers DAOs can start to use more sophisticated modules with higher transaction throughput and more tailored solutions.

These treasuries can allow more autonomy for members and groups within the community or simply automate processes such as bounty or task assignments.

The Goal with a revisited v2 is providing simply mechanics sufficient for most DAOs with the ability to easily extend with more sophisticated or complex solutions.

Upcycling v1 to v2

In order to quickly adapt, the released dApp should be reusing ≈80% of the product already in development. By taking parts of the rollup infrastructure of “Nutberry”, Habitat is retaining a minimal scaling vector to bundle transactions for a possibly more affordable mainnet multisig - saving up to 10% - 20% gas costs or enabling a partial revenue stream together with trading or vault strategy modules for the Habitat DAO and HBT token-holders.

The team is excited to move on together with the community towards v2.

Let’s discuss more ideas and the trajectory - join our discord!

Additional sources:
DAO Survey by Gitcoin & Bankless