Creating the Layer-2 for Governance on Ethereum

Within the last 5 years, the Ethereum ecosystem matured to be the playground for new kinds of radical, diverse and disruptive collaboration structures.

Bootstrapping community, coordination of workforce and early stage seed funding are important steps in the beginning of every start-up, project or movement. Most projects share the same challenges: How do we manage people & capital?

We believe it is crucial to provide fertile ground for those new initiatives through the best governance mechanisms possible. We want to kickstart crews, organisations & individuals that are obsessively working on disruptive & progressive concepts.

First experiments and hard lessons within many DAO-Projects have led to a new approach to distribute power and influence among users & contributors.

Recently, we have seen several DeFi Protocols and DAO’s starting to launch their own governance tokens to approach regulatory compliance, while providing the decentralisation they initially promised. Building up these governance systems themselves and from the ground up, can be very time and money consuming.

Habitat is designed to support DeFi protocols & decentralised autonomous organisations of any kind. Habitat also enables projects to easily launch their own governance tokens or use an existing ERC-20 Token and provide core governance features.

We make protocol and internet community governance faster, cheaper and general more user friendly. Habitat aims for resilience and scalability no matter how large the organisation, it will keep the ability to make fast decisions that accurately represent the community’s views.

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