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The first AMA in the Habitat Discord Server happened on 24th March 2021, here are the answers to the most important questions from our listeners:

TEAM INTRO - MaxK // Vi¢tor // Pinkiebell 💬

Hey guys! 🤙🏼

Pinkiebell is researching and actively building scaling solutions for Ethereum for over 3 years now. As part of LeapDAO he worked on the Leap Network, a Plasma chain solution. With more insights and progress in the space, pinkie started his work on NutBerry an Optimistic Rollup framework.

MaxK + Vi¢tor joined LeapDAO in 2019 and they are still members. Together with other peers they founded “” using Layer-2 solutions for voting and participation tools based on Ethereum. Starting with a Plasma dApp that allows quadratic voting for an Pan-European Party (German Text). Later on they joined forces with Pinkiebell on his Optimistic Rollup solution to combine a solid scaling layer with the upcoming DAO potential.

Scaling with Habitat Rollup 🧬

Q: What is the main difference to Polygon / Side-chains in general?

As far as we know, Polygon(Matic) is a sidechain framework and is not comparable to being a rollup. Thus, it does not directly inherit the securities of L1 / Mainnet. With Optimistic Rollups the data is stored on Ethereum and not on Habitat thus allowing every user to withdraw their funds even when operations are offline or the team vanishes.

Q: What’s the difference between Habitat’s Rollup solution compared to other existing / upcoming solutions?

NutBerry provides a toolchain for application specific rollups, it doesn’t host contracts inside a rollup chain, the application becomes the rollup.
This suits most applications that are standalone in functionality, like governance platforms, games, social protocols and etc.

It’s possible to integrate existing Layer 1 protocols into the rollup or any other functionality that may not be possible or a hard decision in hosted rollups. Basically, NutBerry places itself in the vision of ETH 2.0 cross shards.

Q: Is there any reason why you wouldn’t leverage existing solutions?

Existing chains that suit our needs are just to be released successfully.
The pain points essentially are:

  • The idea that MEV/Sequencer are used for front-running transactions - close to no capital cost for sequencers.

  • Also, liquidity should stay on L1 so different rollups can utilise it in the future. The Habitat team thinks that at no point in time most liquidity should move from L1 on a single rollup. That would be very bad for the Ethereum Ecosystem in general.

  • Habitat strives to be a complete ecosystem around DAO and asset management with a strong focus of community relationships. All asset flows through the rollup accrue some form of interest that goes toward HBT stakers and XAMM (Cross Atomic Market Maker - for easy and fast off-ramps to Ethereum Mainnet) liquidity providers.

  • The feature farm is used to not only add module functionality on the rollup but also to integrate existing L1 protocols directly into the rollup, and this requires ‘hard forking’ the core of the L2 chain through community governance.
    Also, general rollups have throughput limits and Habitants would have to compete for space with some potential scam project.

Q: What edge does Habitat have over other L2’s?

Greater security and efficiency because of a more tight integration with the application logic. More possibilities to extend the rollup in the future.

Q: How would you compare Habitat to something like district0x?

district0x seems like a registry for marketplaces - DNT token economics seem confusing and token ist mostly traded, not staked on the platform. district0x DAOs seem hosted on Aragon, which is using Mainnet transactions - Habitat uses a rollup.

Q: Do you have plans of integrating other projects into Habitat?

Yes, we are contacting projects to onboard and show them the benefits of a L2 - we think many projects will be aware of the opportunities a Layer 2 offers. Habitat provides easy onramp for existing communities, allowing them to use the rollup infrastructure and stay independent in their look and feel. These can be DeFi protocols or NFT DAOs.

More examples for upcoming DAO structures by @albiverse:

Q: What are your plans on making Habitat the most used L2?

Unique and community driven features combined with true community-ownership for a scalable execution layer - no gatekeepers attached.

DAO 🏕️

Q: Would you say your team is more focused on Rollup technology or DAO/Governance tools?

Both, each side benefits the other, as technology always needs a practical implementation - governance can work on small scale to any scale, just like blockchains/layer-2’s could do in the future.

Q: Whats the value proposition of DAO Tools / Toolkits + Habitat in general?

Ethereum is the home of DAOs. It offers many modules and features already, as well as a secure settlement layer for transactions which have value attached. DAOs can use it to coordinate big crowds and make transparent decisions. DAO infrastructure is considered to be the next big thing in Ethereum.

Gas prices also make it unpractical to use toolkits on the Mainnet, therefore we provide a rollup with native governance and social features.

We believe it becomes obvious that we slowly transition into a remote-first future and a reality of distributed workplaces. Companies could simply become DAOs or use many of the tools they already have at hand. A great blank space to explore together, but sure is: DAOs will need a framework to successfully coordinate in.

It’s very important to manage public goods and existing Ethereum platforms together. As of now, stopgap solutions like Snapshot are not a solution to the problem.

Q: DEXs, lending, yield-farms, are the most wanted applications on layer 2s (rather than governance tools), why not work on this?

Everybody else is working on this, so we guess that part is covered, we like to explore use-cases next to the financial side of Ethereum. Coordination, Governance can greatly benefit from decentralised systems and will thrive with permission-less technology.

Q: It feels like you are spending a lot of time building the decision-making framework to enable what users want. Isn’t that a long-winded approach? Could you explain the thinking behind this approach?

We aim to build up an initial architecture to attract grassroots movements and initiatives, our scope goes further than only DAOs. Off-chain communities could also greatly benefit from the capabilities of Habitat. For example: Assigning tasks and responsibilities + managing treasuries or daily spendings in a transparent way.

Q: Any plans or thoughts for the IDO in June?

We think that we let the community decide on this via governance. Basically, we don’t know how the market will look like. We think of doing another round with an improved Token Turner v2 contract (that was used during the fair launch) for example.

We could offer a discount buying via the Token Turner. The available funds could then be paired with unlocked HBT in the UNI pool. The LP rewards could then be spread to the community. With the Uniswap v3 announcement we would need to check back in May for the best use case.


Q: What projects have the team worked on in the past?

Several off-chain companies/startups and on-chain projects, but we all met at LeapDAO - which is a DAO in the true sense: flat-hierarchies and all work is organised within a bounty-framework.

Q: What’s the team most favourite feature of the Habitat ecosystem that is currently been worked on?

  • The ecosystem around modules / feature farms that allows independent builders to distribute contracts that makes the live of DAOs easier and provides income. Additionally, giving communities the ability to signal their interest to most needed DAO tools or even other features.

  • XAMM, Cross Atomic Market Maker - allowing users to use a fast-exit feature and even swap across several rollups.

Q: I heard that one of the devs is a contributor to Sushi?

Pinkiebell: Did some audit help for the upcoming Bentobox/Kashi release from Sushi, just some help - no strings attached.

Thank You for catching up and reading through our answers! 😍
More AMA’s will surely follow, we hope to see you around next time!

General Updates

  • Uniswap Liquidity in the HBT-ETH pair has grown to 1.7 Mil USD
    LP Rewards are in demand, yielding 68.16% at the moment ⛏

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