Community Update #04 - Habitat Testnet is Live

Introducing a New Version of the Habitat Testnet


Habitat is launching its first iteration of the new rollup testnet.
Feel free to play around and try to break it 💣

Habitat Testnet 👈

Keep in mind

Our testnet is a work in progress as a raw skeleton with new basic functionalities. UI and UX research + Habitat branding is currently redone in the background.

Seamless updates will be introduced in the coming days, so on-chain execution will be enabled sssoon. We need to keep something for June. 🙏🏼

The old MVP is out of date and only included a simple proposal voting on Layer 2. With the launch of the testnet you can do much more.

Read the full article to get a better understanding of the Habitat MVP 👇🏼

Get Started

To use the testnet you’ll have to switch to the Rinkeby Network.
Once you connect your wallet with Habitat you can deposit tokens on the rollup.

To immediately start off you’ll have a virtual balance of HBT on the rollup - these can’t be withdrawn as they haven’t been deposited in the first place.

  1. Visit your Account Page

  1. Choose a unique username

    • use any name, you can also include emojis

  1. Deposit tokens

    • choose your Rinkeby tokens you want to deposit

    • or start with your virtual HBT on the rollup

  1. Find a community which accepts your tokens or create your own!

  1. Simply start voting on community treasuries and the included proposals


This is a list of all the basic functions on the rollup.


  • You can choose a @rollup username (goodbye 0x)


Communities represent the DAOs which are using Habitat for Governance.
Each Community can bring their own token to facilitate votes.

  • Create communities

  • Create vaults/ Create treasuries

  • Create “gatekeepers”, how will DAO/ Community members decide about the funds?

    • one share-one vote (default on testnet)

    • multi-signature wallets + other voting modules (future versions)

  • create proposals, which can incl.

    • Title

    • Text

    • On-chain execution (future versions)

      • contract address

      • call-data to be executed on mainnet

  • proposals can be voted on by the chosen mechanism/ gatekeepers


  • search for blocks - check if they are finalised on mainnet.

  • check transaction input inside of the blocks

    • community creation

    • vote

    • treasury opened

    • offramp & onramp of tokens


The testnet only covers basic voting modules to showcase proof of concept and first DAO mechanisms on a rollup. Next iteration cycles will update the testnet with better UX and features.

Additionally, Habitat is rebranding and redoing the full user flow and content architecture once everything is implemented and tested. Overall, you don’t start building a house by painting the walls.

Meanwhile, feedback from the community will trigger more updates and improvements until mainnet launch.

You can join the Habitat Discord and chat about the testnet dapp in the 
#🏗-habitat-mvp channel.

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Habitants, see you again next week!