Community Update #08 - Uniswap V3

Gas Tank + Liquidity Movements

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The Habitat keeps growing !

Gas Tank + Staking

In last week’s update, Habitat introduced the initial v1 governance setup for the Mainnet launch in June, you can check all details here.

More clarification on a couple of parts from the architecture:

  • When landing on the rollup, users need to deposit a small amount of xHBT into the “Gas Tank”. This extra balance is responsible to pay the gas cost for users.
    Meaning: Voting Balance and Gas Balance are two different metrics.

  • Users will need to stake their tokens on proposals they vote on and want to support. So each time tokens need to be moved from one proposal to another, being staked and un-staked.

Staking tokens on proposals can prevent double-vote fraud and also encourages signals to be re-arranged and given to the top priority topics.

Uniswap V3 Launch + Updated Links

With Uniswap V3 launching, some things changed for the users and traders out there. No more ERC20 LP-tokens, but NFT’s which contain all position details. Uniswap claims to be more capital-efficient, handling the same volume with lower liquidity.

During such updates, Uniswap also changes its original interface and connected links. So here are the updated links for trading/liquidity providing HBT on Uniswap V2, as our LP Rewards only support V2 Liquidity until June.

Uniswap V2 - New Links


HBT-ETH Uniswap Pair Info

Add HBT-ETH on Uniswap V2

Incoming Community Proposals

The community around the Habitat project is constantly growing and is also accompanied by some smart thinkers of the crypto-world. Habitat is grateful for the contributions and the time taken to improve the project!

Two new proposals have been posted within the last week, both targeted around HBT Liquidity on the Mainnet and the changes from Uniswap V2 to V3.

Proposal #08

Migrate LP Rewards to Uni V3 instead of V2 👀

@darrenlautf proposes to move the main liquidity pool from Uniswap V2 to Uniswap V3. A new pool on V3 already exists, as a LP migrated and increased the fee structure already from 0.3% to 1%. With a small amount of HBT circulating, these coins could be used to facilitate trades more efficiently.

Some questions remain:

  • How are rewards calculated within v3 - given that liquidity providers can set a range?

  • Who earns more rewards given which range?

Habitat is open to suggestions and experiments from other projects. You can join the discussion at github or on the Habitat social channels.

Proposal #09

Migrate liquidity to SushiSwap and add $HBT-ETH to Onsen 👀

Habitat Community Member @randomdev proposes to move the main liquidity pool from Uniswap to SushiSwap. A valid proposal, which could influence many other decisions and can seed synergies with the SushiSwap ecosystem.

Team Habitat already reached out to SushiSwap and will continue to complete the Onsen Application to be ready on Mainnet in June.

Action Point #1: Vote on Evolution Page

With new proposals posted, it is the duty of HBT token-holders to interact and discuss the proposed ideas. Head over to the Evolution Page and leave your mark by voting on the new proposals, check for the tab: "Improvements & Bugs”.

Current highest-ranking proposals only score a participation rate of 2.5%. In v1 the governance proposals will need a quorum of at least 10%.

Please vote now, as Habitat is aiming to see our first +100 community vote until the Mainnet launch in June.

Action Point #2: Complete Discord Verification

  • As Habitat is moving closer to the main-net launch, all members should stay in the loop and can be involved in discussions and activities.

  • In Discord the conversations have more context and Habitat can reach its community members more directly.

Please join Discord and verify in the channel “Verification.”

Ongoing Steps

The ongoing proposals are community-driven improvements that are taken seriously to identify strong needs that haven’t been recognized. Every help to implement them is highly appreciated and compensated. The core team is still working together with collaborators on many other topics:

  • finalizing re-branding (colours, logo, fonts, icons etc.)

  • user flows are finalized and are now translated into UX/UI designs

  • more features are being added every week (account page, staking module, delegation staking etc.)

  • partnerships and outreach to DAO and DeFi projects

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