The Evolution of Habitat 🌱

Introducing the first iteration of Feature Farms v0.5. The signaling tool of Habitat.

You can now signal your interest in topics, issues, and improvements with the HBT token. Under the Evolution 🌱 tab, you can upvote or submit your most desired improvements or v1.0 milestones.

Continuous Signaling 📶

With the first version (v0.5) you can use your HBT to signal your priority. Meaning every issue can be prioritized individually with the full amount of HBT or voted ice-cold to signal zero interest.

With these community signals Habitat gains more insights - allowing it to grow and focus on big topics and improvements. Everyone can easily watch the progress of each issue and support it with code or ideas.

As seen in the screenshot you can vote on each issue with a slider. Once you decided on the position of the slider you can click “Vote”. Based on the strength of your priority you can see the number of votes you placed. The big number in each issue shows the total amount of votes/priority from the entire Habitat community.

❗️Ledger & Trezor devices do not support EIP-712 (message signing) thus not allowing off-chain voting. You would need to send your HBT to another wallet.

Feature Farms in v1.0 🐲

The design of the final version aims to incentivize outside collaborators and activates HBT community members to grow the Habitat in the best possible direction. On the technical side, v1.0 moves from off-chain voting (like snapshot) to on-chain voting based on the Habitat rollup.

You can find more in-depth info about the Feature Farms of Habitat in this blog post. The goal is to build a voting tool that crowdfunds new features & tools. Every community can integrate newly build or long-tested features.

Feedback Welcome 📮

This is a work in progress. We are upgrading and developing new voting and signaling models. Feel free to reach out or give feedback under this post or on our social media channels:

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