Community Update #21 - Hack & Build

Habitat is sponsoring the upcoming Gitcoin Hackathon + New Rollup Features unlocked


  • Habitat is sponsoring the Gitcoin Grants Round 11 Virtual Hackathon

  • Virtual ERC-20’s on the Habitat Rollup, more functionalities for communities

  • New Wave of HBT LP Rewards coming, bootstrapping the next wave of adoption

🤝🏽 Support Public Goods + Hack on Habitat 🤝🏽

Grants Round 11 begins Sep 8th with the biggest matching pool yet, ready to be distributed to the Gitcoin community for funding public goods! Grants CLR rounds are an experiment in mechanism design, community governance, quadratic funding, and decentralized identity.

During Rounds 8, 9, & 10, Gitcoin began running "Stacked Events" by pairing a hackathon with the grants round, encouraging the community to support a decentralized future by either building or donating to projects (or both!)

Habitat has been attending the last rounds as a grantee, now it is time to level up and sponsor the cause! Next to sponsoring the Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon, Habitat is issuing three bounties to be hacked on during September.

The aim is to meet new engineers, hackers and community members to learn about and explore the Habitat. New input, exchange and arising opportunities for builders and the Habitat Community.

Scope, Requirements and the HBT Prize Amount along with more details will be posted in the coming days, stay tuned!

🎖️ Why register for the GR11 Hackathon?

  • The last edition: GR10 Hackathon was the biggest ever, with 4600 participants, 21 sponsors, and over $350,000 worth of bounties.

  • Developers are encouraged and provided guidance to convert their hackathon project into grants for future rounds.

  • Gitcoin is hosting a series of webinars, workshops, and community discussions for the grants round and hackathon together with industry leaders, grantees, hackathon sponsors, matching pool funders, and more. Whether you're joining to learn new technologies, meet others in our community, chill and/or shill - there will be something for you!

👀 Habitat Workshop - Bounty Briefing & Team Formation

To ensure a great event for all interested hackers, Habitat will lead a workshop to introduce everyone to the bounties, clarify questions and define submission requirements for the HBT prizes to be earned.

All workshops and community sessions will be hosted on Airmeet - link and details coming soon!

Check this page if you want to learn more about the Hackathon and how you can get involved.

Join the Gitcoin Discord and look out for the Virtual Events category, if you are feeling ready to hack already..

📡 Virtual ERC-20’s on the Habitat Rollup 📡

Got your DAO? Discord boiling and the squad is active? The Habitat Rollup is inviting the DAOplomats of the world and help them get started with decentralized governance!💥

Setting up a new DAO/Community on Habitat is already possible, but until now summoners need to bring their own tokens from the Ethereum Mainnet, which can be costly in terms of gas and a coordinative challenge to overcome for some communities.

This anticipated new feature is enabling users and communities to mint and distribute their own tokens on the Habitat Rollup. Yes! ERC-20 minting on the Habitat Rollup 🪙

The newly created tokens will feature 4 basic parameters:

  • total supply

  • token ticker

  • token name

  • token decimals

Why you should mint your token on Habitat:

  • It will be easy to create tokens on the rollup, while only using a fraction of the Ethereum Mainnet gas. It is now possible to build your community around their own token or the other way around. DAOs choose their approach.

  • Supreme user experience for a dawning multi-chain future, as the determined token contract address is exactly mirrored to L1. Meaning the created token shares the same contract address on both networks, Habitat Rollup and Ethereum Mainnet.

  • In terms of follow-up functionalities, more great features and modules to build on top of the tokens are now practically unlocked. We can imagine trading modules, non-transferable reputation tokens and other token-native structures created on the Habitat Rollup.

The next step is to enable this feature in the interfaces and integrate it into the running and new communities. Much more creative and interconnected processes will be possible on the Rollup.

Imagine practical innovation and new experiments for DAOs and internet-native communities, secured and accelerated through affordable Layer 2 execution on the Habitat Rollup. 🚀

What are your ideas? What can be build with ERC-20 tokens? Which new concepts and contexts can be created on the Habitat Rollup? Let us know in Discord!

🧼 HBT Liquidity Mining to be continued… 🧼

Check our Evolution Page for all Community Signals and ongoing Votes.

As mentioned in the past update #19, there has been a community signal to resume Liquidity Provider Rewards for the Habitat token. Motivation for a new Liquidity Mining Program is to enable a stable liquidity pool for the HBT token and let the ecosystem thrive.

  • A liquid pool and reasonable HBT price enables the rollup operator to finalise transactions at a better rate and makes HBT gas on the rollup more efficient.

  • Higher liquidity enables new entrants to purchase the token at a fair price, established contributors can sell their HBT to realise their profits.

  • The Habitat community can further define the Habitat product and use the HBT token as capital in daily operations, to fund growth strategies or other community initiatives.

The current results for this community signal after 3 weeks voting time show a clear picture:

  • Habitat voters are in clear support for migrating the main liquidity for the HBT token to the SushiSwap platform, and we can partly assume why:

With deployments on several networks already secured, the SushiSwap ecosystem is a growing liquidity and trading venue for many users and LP’s. Introducing the HBT Token to this vibrant community can bring new synergies and exciting opportunities for all projects involved.

🎯 What happens next? Action Points 🎯

Desired Outcome for the Community Signal:
Create an allocation of 250.000 HBT for liquidity mining purposes.

  • The Habitat Genesis Team will create a follow-up proposal to allocate the confirmed amount of tokens in a rollup vault, dedicated to future liquidity providers, to be distributed on the Habitat Rollup.

  • Current LP’s can already start migrating Liquidity to the existing SushiSwap Pool, as the new liquidity mining program will begin within the next week.

The exact distribution mechanism, all emission details and duration of the program are in the works right now. These informations will reach the dedicated channels to inform Habitat token-holders and liquidity providers accordingly.

The corresponding HBT-ETH Pool on SushiSwap can be found on SushiSwap Vision

🌱 Thank you for checking out this weeks update! 🌱