Community Update #01 - Liquidity Rewards 

Building new solutions based on community signals

The Habitat is Growing 🌱

We see our community growing fast, up until now we are:

  • +700 Twitter Followers

  • +300 Email Subscribers

  • +300 Members in Telegram & Discord

  • +550 Tokenholders


Coordinating for Liquidity

Last week we introduced our first iteration of Feature Farms, where HBT tokenholders can upvote important topics and submit their own issues or ideas.

Next to voting on v1 milestones for the rollup infrastructure, more general improvements or bugs can be reported as github issues. More eyes can spot more flaws. One issue was obvious and quickly signaled by the community:

Why? More liquidity helps to initiate a more natural, organic price discovery with less slippage and attract more token-holders and coverage for the project.

Linear vs. Quadratic

Incentives rule the world, therefore we issued a first team proposal to payout HBT rewards to early Liquidity Providers. The first idea was a retroactive distribution in a quadratic manner, so smaller HBT holders are not left behind against larger holders. But without a sufficient identity-solution, bigger players could game the system to their liking.

Quickly after the initial proposal another idea was created and framed around paying out rewards in the more classical, linear way.

Both proposals are still up for vote - check

Calculate your liquidity rewards

Providing a calculator tool to make sure every holder knows what they can get out of the reward distribution, which is active until June. Rewards are higher if you enter earlier. Check the full LP page and the current yield here:

👉 -

All rewards will be distributed with our “Droplet Contract” when they get unlocked on 09 June and the following week of 16 June 2021, it is still up to decide by the community over which period this will happen.

🎉 LPs only need to hold the UNI-LP Token, no locking or staking is needed.

One Milly

The incentive mechanism for upcoming rewards worked, and we saw first in-flows of capital on Friday afternoon already. The Habitat Community was able to coordinate towards a better outcome and made the right choice.

Until now there are one 1 Million USD in the HBT-ETH Pool:

This enabled an increase of token-holders and secured a listing on

Next Up


  • We are having an AMA session this Wednesday 5pm UTC // 6pm CET on the Habitat Discord. Come and prepare your most urgent questions about Habitat.

  • New blog post about the Habitat rollup (nutberry) and the comparison between other optimistic rollup frameworks


  • A revamped MVP of the rollup with more functionalities (vault/module/community support)

  • UX design for a better design of the feature farms is in the making

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