Habitat - Your Home on Ethereum

Grow & Collaborate on Layer-2

🏞️ The People Owned Ecosystem

The DeFi and DAO movement sets decentralized communities as the future of organisations. They are as unique and new as the coordination structure they use. Combining various steps with different tools (chat, forum, voting, signaling).

Making it not only complicated for investors or members to participate but also for developers to set up a tailored solution.

  • Habitat is a modular toolkit platform. Allowing communities to build their organisation solutions with crowdfunded features & modules.

  • By signaling important needs or voting on new features Habitat grows to a self-sustained ecosystem - owned by the communities and their members.

Imagine organisations that learn and benefit from each other by sharing best cases and proven solutions. Crowdfunding and testing new features.

🧬 Origin

“Habitat” is inspired by the silent wisdom of millions of years of evolution and the constant strive for perfection in nature. Habitat sets the infrastructure of a new base layer of cooperation and growth in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The Optimistic Rollup technology enables the infrastructure seen in nature. By submitting transactions and sharing the base layer together - costs can be reduced by over 96% (compared to the Ethereum Mainnet). The Habitat rollup is based on the optimistic rollup of nutberry.

As a domain-specific (multi-app) rollup every community stays independent - your community, your rules. The infrastructure can grow and adapt, based on the different signals sent by the organisations inside the Habitat.

🚀 Token Community

The Habitat Token is the voice of the communities and the people. Communicating and signaling new opportunities or reacting on challenges by changing rollup parameters is key for a thriving ecosystem.

By continuously signaling high priority topics and needed features the value of the token increases naturally as the Habitat and its adoption grows.

Tokens can be staked on the Habitat layer to strengthen the Rollup security and enable fast off-ramp liquidity. Full details are here.

👀 Habitat - At a Glance

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