HBT - Token Design & Economics 🌞

The People Owned Ecosystem

Habitat is the first rollup that is governed and grown by its people and their communities. Therefore, the HBT token is designed to strengthen the security of the rollup infrastructure and to incentivize staking, farming and building of new governance + rollup features.

Utility of HBT

1. Feature Farming 🌱

Communities use HBT to signal the most needed features and gov tools. Implementation of community-led upgrades increases the value of the Habitat platform and HBT.

2. Ecosystem Currency 🌺

Habitat is based on a circular economy. Builders, stakers, and active voters can earn while users and communities pay in HBT for rollup operator fees and new features.

3. Rollup Governance 🏗

When HBT and ETH are staked you earn the right to vote on important rollup design decisions. This can include challenge times, block finalizations, operator fees, and many more rollup-specific governance parameters.

4. Operator Rewards 💸

All the rewards and profits of the rollup go towards the liquidity providers and HBT-ETH stakers on Habitat. Communities should not only benefit by low transaction fees or fast confirmation times but also by the very own profit Habitat generates.

The rollup economy is ready with v1.0 of Habitat. This version is required to allow liquidity staking, feature farming, and the creation of sovereign domains. Current domains on Habitat are not interconnected thus not sharing the transaction volume and finalization cost.

Token Supply

The total supply of HBT is capped at 100.000.000.

An initial supply of 2.000.000 was released during the bootstrapping phase of Habitat. During this ongoing fair launch, you can directly swap your ERC-20 token to HBT. The swap happens at a fixed rate of 0.25 DAI = 1 HBT.

Update: The fair launch has concluded successfully. Please check the Token page for more info.

84% = 84.000.000 HBT are fully locked and can only be unlocked via governance once the bootstrapping phase ends. To ensure high security and no initial drain or rug pull only 0.5%(!) can be unlocked per week. When no proposal is passed this rate will accumulate to allow bigger funding opportunities.

There will be pre-defined proposals to unlock HBT for IDO and liquidity providers - the community is making the last call whether or not to initiate those proposals.

The genesis team (founders) are vesting their total cut of 9% for 3 years. For future hires, operator fees and marketing/communication an additional 5% will be vested.

The overview shows a detailed distribution of the HBT token:

Stay tuned for more info and documentation about Habitat.

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