HBT Fair Launch Aftermath

We collected 500k DAI in 2 hours - Much Wow!

🙇🏽‍♀️ 🙇‍♂️ - Thank you all for the awesome contributions!

We didn't expect to reach the Hardcap goal of 500k DAI within 2 hours of launching.
If the funding stays on the Token Turner Contract we have enough resources to bring the Habitat Dream into a reality - Thank YOU!

Habitat Next Steps 👟

In the next few days Habitat will launch the first instance of Feature Farms v0.5 to allow easy governance signaling from the community.

In the Feature Farm all people can check the current progress of Habitat in the GitHub repo issues, upvote the most important updates and support on any open issues to earn a fair share of the bootstrapping pool.

All signaling is done in a quadratic-voting, to make sure we give all token-holders a chance to raise ideas and place their vote on issues that matter most to them.

We will upgrade to on-chain governance once v1.0 is reached and first signals are given.

When Liquidity? 🧼

More Tokens are unlocked starting from the 02nd of June 2021, in 12 weeks.

Our intention was to bootstrap a first phase of funding with engaged community-members, not to raise as much as possible - Further IDO and liquidity is subject to successful governance votes.

Take Aways 🍱

Meanwhile, apologies from the lead dev @pinkiebell regarding the issues with a Uniswap error:

This was not a critical bug, but leads to some inconvenience regarding token swap-in and swap-outs. Meaning: If you swap HBT back to another token, then this token must have a direct Uniswap DAI pool. A workaround is to always choose DAI as output and swap on Uniswap manually to any token you wish. Otherwise, the transaction fails.

How to get HBT now?

Please only use the official Uniswap Pool.

Or simply wait and have patience until the community distributes more during first hard-governance decisions for upcoming IDOs.

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