HBT Fair Launch 🌞

Support and be part of the Habitat Rollup. Let's scale communities together.

TL;DR: Exciting times ahead! Habitat is entering its bootstrapping phase and distributes 2% of the total supply to early supporters like you! 👉🏽 🙀

Over a period of 12 weeks, 2.000.000 HBT can be swapped and used to signal important community decisions that are crucial for the further development of the multi-app optimistic rollup.

The distribution is done via the Habitat “Token Turner Contract”💃🏽 - This contract allows to easily swap and swap back HBT tokens. Read more about the Fair Launch and the swap back in this blog post.

Update: The fair launch has concluded successfully. Please check the Token page for more info.

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In recent weeks a small but meaningful community has emerged around the Habitat Project, we acknowledge and appreciate the very organic growth of our project 

Our marketing budget has been exactly 0$. We are grateful for the initial support of our followers!

💡 Why the Habitat needs a Token?

As the well-educated crypto user knows, a token is a crucial element for any decentralised protocol out there, as it holds together the community and motivates members to contribute to the mission of a project. Thus adding value and meaning to the token with their contributions and ideas.

The technical importance for the Habitat rollup and the utility was explained in previous blog posts. Have a look.

👉🏽 Here is a shortcut for you - Token Economics and Utility

💱 How to get the HBT Token?

Habitat will provide its own interface and contracts to facilitate the initial distribution. Contracts will be deployed and the code can be checked before interacting.

To prevent front-running, the swaps happen at a fixed rate of 0.25 DAI = 1 HBT
Every User can easily swap ETH or ERC-20s to receive HBT directly on the token page.

To fund the development pool - an individual swap back decay is applied. With each stage passed the decay increases by 4% and the available funds are used to build Habitat v1.0.

Everyone can always swap back with no decay in the epoch they are joining the distribution. The period depends on the week of swap, not the bootstrap window itself.

There are 12 weeks of distribution, which translate to 12 epochs.

The bootstrap phase offers only a limited supply of 2.000.000 HBT. With v1.0 more tokens are released and consequently priced higher on secondary or IDO markets.

🤝 Fair Launch Motivation

Unfortunately, the general industry standard has become a highly concentrated token supply in the hands of a few investors, founders and other insiders. Such distributions are sub-optimal, making actual decentralisation an obscure future promise for most projects. 🙈

The HBT Token is not designed to be a short-term yield instrument, Habitat won’t drop the token to anyone passing by or to influencers which will dump on real users and the community. We understand the token as valuable and powerful - and will treat it as such. Therefore all tokens that are distributed during this launch are the first-ever released.

 🕊️ Please Note

  • Habitat doesn’t actually sell the token, it represents a claim or voting right on the future of a network that may be bootstrapped to existence by the Habitat Team and its motivated contributors.

  • The deployed “Token Turner” contract represents a distribution pool, rather than a sale or shop interface. Anyone can swap back the deposit at any time within the bootstrapping phase, therefore redeeming a portion of the initial funds allocated.

  • Once the token is distributed, it will trade on open markets like Uniswap or other DEXs. While encouraging everyone to be cautious and execute any interaction at their own risk, we can’t stop token holders if they decide to provide liquidity on other platforms.

🏗️ Coordinating A Strong Builder Community

Recent global events have certainly exposed the limits of individual agency, raising the demand for strong community-ownership in a decentralised manner.

A token is a tool to enable such processes and bootstrap security and prosperity for builders and members. The Habitat Team is not meant to be the only builders of the project, it is planned to gradually distribute the work to other contributors and engaged individuals.

We need the community early on!

More eyes can spot more flaws, more brains can come up with smarter solutions for the Habitat project. In the end it is more fun to meet people along the way, build up a strong tribe and change the world together - We are excited about what’s to come! 💖

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