Creating contracts for scalable governance systems & Deploying the HabitatDAO

May 2022

EIP-2535 (Diamond Standard) and the feasibility of a DAO Operating System

April 2022

Team impressions from L2 Beat and Global Governance Gathering
Sharing ideas, plans and progress of the team.
Progress on the Diamond Framework, Resolved Uncertainty & Trip to Amsterdam

February 2022

v2 is funded, frontend in progress & learn about the gemcutter framework

January 2022

Full speed ahead with a new team but still the same vision
, , and
Announcing Rollup Shutdown on the 17th January 2021

December 2021

This post highlights the next steps towards the token launch.
Info about Token Economics, Snapshot and DAO Setup
Reproducing the incident and coordinating next steps
Serious Update for all HBT token-holders